Schulman awarded the 2023 Eugene and Pauline Blair Distinguished Service Award
Schulman awarded the 2023 Eugene and Pauline Blair Distinguished Service Award
Eric Nease, DDS, MDS awarded 2023 $5,000 Award presented to Healthy Smiles of Spartanburg on Dr. Nease's behalf.
Eric Nease, DDS, MDS awarded 2023 Schulman's Martin L. "Bud" Schulman Award; donates $5,000 award to Healthy Smiles of Spartanburg, SC,
"Single Largest Influence In My Career"
I can't really even imagine where my practice would be without having benefitted from the collective ideas of the this group of exceptional people...
- Dr. Nicole Nalchajian
The SG Group Is An Invaluable Resource
"SG is an Invaluable Resource....."

The Group is an invaluable resource consisting of orthodontists who all have their own unique interest and subspecialties.

- Dr. Bret Freedman, Dunwoody, GA
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Success through Sharing

Clinical Case Support

Through peer to peer collaboration


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Schulman Group

What is SG Management?

  • We are an innovative, member-owned orthodontic Dental Support Organization (DSO,) whose members represent the top 2 percent of orthodontists practicing in the United States

  • We offer members the advantages of a DSO while preserving independent practice ownership

  • A unique business model comprised of independent practice owners who use collective purchasing power to provide member shareholders with competitive pricing and services through over 22 preferred supplier agreements

  • SG Management chooses to work with progressive industry leaders that deliver state-of-the-art goods and services of greatest benefit to Schulman members

  • Membership fees include core practice and staff management tools

Leaders in the Orthodontic Specialty

According to Gaidge, the leading provider of practice analysis metrics for orthodontists, KPIs (key performance indicators) reported by Schulman Group members always exceed the U.S. national average (from 2019):

  • Net Production – 22% higher

  • Net Collections – 26% greater

  • New Patient Starts – 15% more

  • Exams – 17% greater

Success through Sharing

Schulman members freely share practice management and clinical insights as they exercise “Excellence Through Sharing." It was this philosophy that attracted new Board member Dr. Sean Holliday. He attributes his personal and professional growth since joining the Schulman Group to his ability to request advice on clinical and non-clinical topics from other members, who are, as he says, “some of the sharpest minds in orthodontics.”

To learn more about the Schulman advantage, please CONTACT US or complete an online membership application - BECOME A MEMBER.

Collective Brainpower Of The Schulman Group

Justin Wedding, DMD, MS, a Schulman member who practices in Owensboro, Kentucky re-purposed the organization’s advice for office re-opening after closure from COVID-19 and shared it with referring dentists

“We have tried to be the “expert” on the EDL and PPP loans and shared our re-opening strategy with all of our referring dentists to help them sift through the craziness. I would never have had the knowledge on all of these things without the collective brainpower of the Schulman Group.”

Dr. Justin Wedding
Durall Wedding Orthodontics

The Force That Brings About Change To Our Profession

Membership in the Schulman Group has provided James Tsau, DMD who practices in Redwood City, California, inspiration to take both his practice and his personal life to higher levels.

“The women and men of SG Management, LLC (Schulman Group) inspire me to be a better clinician, business person, and family man. SG is all about bringing together our uniquely successful backgrounds and challenge each other to strive for the next level…….”

Dr. James Tsau
Penisula Orthodontic Group

Members continue to “run their own shops,” emphasizes Robert James Bray, DDS, MS, the Schulman Group’s chairman and CEO. “We fully support each member’s commitment to doing the best job they can, to do the job as they see fit, and do it efficiently.”

Since the Schulman Group became a DSO, more than 20 new orthodontists have become members. The organization continues to grow, offering an impressive suite of unique membership benefits. The Schulman Group makes it possible for each member “…to be an excellent clinician and an excellent businessperson,” Dr. Bray observes.

Single Largest Influence In My Career

“I can’t really even imagine where my practice would be without having benefitted from the collective ideas of the this group of exceptional people… “

Dr. Nicole Nalchajian
Nalchajian Orthodontics
Fresno, CA