Schulman Group Impact

Collective Brainpower of the Schulman Group

We have shared our re-opening strategy with all of our referring dentists and tried to “be the expert” on the EIDL and PPP loans so we can help them as much as possible sift through all the craziness. I would have never had the knowledge on all of these things without the collective brainpower of the Schulman group.

Dr. Justin Wedding
Owensboro, KY
Member Since 2019

Single Largest Influence In My Career

Being a member of the Schulman Group has, by far, been the single greatest influence in my orthodontic career thus far. I can't really even imagine where my practice would be without having benefitted from the collective ideas of the this group of exceptional people. Now that the Schulman Group is pulling in strategic partnerships and providing even more benefits to members, it will only continue to help and improve me and my practice. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the amazing friendships I have made in Schulman. I literally now have friends and colleagues all over the country, and I value that tremendously. Any one of them would (and has) welcomed me into their practice to learn and observe, which is an amazing resource.

Dr. Nicole Nalchajian
Fresno, CA
Member Since 2003

The force that brings about change to our profession

The women and men of Schulman Study Group inspire me to be a better clinician, business person, and family man. SSG is all about bringing together our uniquely successful backgrounds and challenge each other to strive for the next level. I love being a part of the force that brings about change to our profession.

Dr. James Tsau
Redwood City, CA
Member Since 2011

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