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Welcome to the Schulman Study Group, a nationally recognized association of prominent orthodontic practices. This organization has developed over the last 30 years under the guidance of Martin (Bud) Schulman, who educated and encouraged orthodontists to achieve levels of practice performance never before considered possible.

Membership is extended exclusively by invitation to sustain the same high standard and offers participants access to new technology and opportunities for innovation and insight that they would not otherwise find. Schulman Study Group members share a commitment to exceptional patient care, quality of orthodontic experience, and continuing education.

Why Use an Orthodontist?

An orthodontist has received years of extensive, specialized training which enables them to see more than just crooked teeth. These specialists are able to diagnose the underlying cause of the crooked teeth and successfully treat your entire bite, jaws and facial muscles.

Straightening teeth is much more than a purely cosmetic change, it is a complex biological process. Straight teeth don’t just look beautiful—they’re also healthy, much easier to keep clean and allow you to chew and speak well.

Working together with your orthodontist, orthodontic treatment can yield life-changing results and get you to the goal you share: a healthy, beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

92% of adults that have completed orthodontic treatment would recommend it to other adults.

Source: The American Association of Orthodontists

Associates Looking for Opportunities

Schulman Group doctors and practices provide employment opportunity for associates looking to get into the orthodontic field. Future graduates can contact a doctor directly by searching practice locations in their area - LOCATION SEARCH.

Or, potential associates may reach out to Schulman Group members in general by contacting us - CONTACT US.

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